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Elegant Elbow Bridal Veils BritishDress vec00022



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You can write your special requirements here when you place the order.
For example, add sleeves, no straps, change the sequins& diamond colour, change the collar type, slit in the dress, etc.




  1. Elegant Elbow Bridal Veils BritishDress vec00022 Description

    Category : Elbow Bridal Veils
    Fabric : Tulle
    Veil Tier : One-tier
    Edge Style : Cut Edge
    Embellishment : Sequin
    Veil shape : Classic
    Color : Ivory
User Photos andReviews
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    By Belinda Trandenkov

    Very pretty - bought for a 'grown up' hen party so wanted something that was genuinely elegant rather than tatty or tarty... and this is lovely. Could actually imagine someone wearing this as their wedding veil, if they were on a tight budget!! Would be nice if the sparkles were placed more randomly, but hey - you can't have everything at this price.

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